How to choose the right summer camp for your kids?

Summer is a break for kids, but you still need to keep them busy. So you sign them up for camp, hoping to keep the kids entertained at a safe camp and all at an affordable price.   If you haven't looked for summer camps yet you really have to get on it.  Many are filled up, but not all of them.  Here's the number one thing on this 'to do" list. Ask your children what they might want to do, and tailor the choice to their interest. If you've got a budding tennis star at home, science camp might not be the best idea.  You want your child to enjoy the experience, not dread it. Second, check on the price. A pricey tuition doesn't always mean a better camp.  There are great lower priced camps out there.  Try the YMCA, your church, the Scouts, or the park and recreation department near you.  Now that you've narrowed it down, Jane Castro who runs the summer camps at the Decatur-DeKalb YMCA, says start asking a lot of questions. "Talk with them about their staff.  see what kind of training they've had. look at what are you paying for.  are you just getting - come in and let your kids play or are they getting some physical activity. are they getting some education," said Jane Castro.  
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